Bespoke Course

Bespoke course:

Our classes and workshops can be tailored into a bespoke course for you. Do you have a group of friends, family or work colleagues that you want to bring together for a new experience? Then we can put together a workshop for your group with a creative project designed with your group in mind. Contact us with your idea or requirements for a personalised class and quote.

Make your own wedding rings:

You are getting married and planning all the details for your wedding to make a truly memorable day. Then there’s the wedding rings! Have you thought about designing and making your own wedding rings? Then we can help. This  is an experience that can add to the memories of your special day. You design and make each others rings and treasure  them always.  Miranda will work with you to develop designs for your rings and choose the metal to make them from. Then you will spend a day making them with her support and guidance.